SW Toolkit

Evolving a design language to reinvigorate an ecosystem of products.


Defining Pain Points

Due to inconsistencies across the brand at Spiceworks that lead to both developers and designers having to repeatedly recreate assets for an inferior end result, the need for an expansive, consistent design language was obvious. The existing styles for Spiceworks were also outdated, making the Spiceworks products seem ineffective at first glance and caused users to have a confused image on what the Spiceworks brand was.

By discussing the current issues with stakeholders, other designers, developers, and our users, I was able to determine the major needs from every group. The major needs included:


Designing Atomically

With the great amount of Spiceworks products, I realized that there was a need to develop thoughtful design systems to achieve cohesiveness. Keeping in mind the various needs for the users, I approached this project by creating small elements that could be combined to build larger elements and pages. By doing this, designers could create a product consistent with other Spiceworks products but would not feel constrained.


Feedback and Iterations

In order to complete the Toolkit designs, it was imperative that all stakeholders felt involved throughout the process. To accomplish this, I showed my designs early and often to designers, lead developers, and the company's founders to gather feedback. This allowed for everybody to feel comfortable about the direction the products would be taking.


Final Implementations

The final implementation of Toolkit is an updated internal website that both designers and developers can refer to throughout the process of creating products and features for Spiceworks that documented the updated look and how to use it. This includes instructions on the various elements, from how to use them in the design of the website to how they should be implemented through code.

Toolkit, while still in its infancy, has already helped the design team both speed up their process as well as more easily maintaining a cohesive look going forward.